May 7, 2019

Only one animal slithers and only one animal quacks.  So despite appearances, only one thing moves our sounds like that.  Therefore, with the right positioning it’s possible to hear something by watching and see something by listening.  Don’t be fooled by the cool or distracted by the attractive.


June 29, 2018

If  a  nugget  of  fool's  gold  emerged  from  a  beautiful  garden,  does  that  disqualify  the  garden  or  does  the  garden  get  a  pardon?  Cuz  at  that  point  you  cant  determine  whether  its  misplaced  on  purpose  or  if  there's  more  beneath  the  su...

June 28, 2018

"Mirrors provide the only times you look at yourself in the eyes. Since eyes are windows to your soul's inner sections, it explains why the faulty fear their own reflections. Therefore, it's important to be comfortable in your skin, because being content within shines...

June 27, 2018

Failure feeds hope if digested properly.  However, if shortcomings challenge your pride then your journey to success is no longer a ride, but a slide. For pride will cause you to do anything to save a suped perception of self in efforts to hide the insecurities that've...

June 26, 2018

"Frequently fetch frequencies from foes AND friends to factually figure the formulas in which they foster the feelings that front and facilitate the moral fibers of their frame.  For friends can turn faulty and the faulty, falsely foreseen as foes, find themselves in y...

June 25, 2018

"People say they're real, yet the feel of being real is drawn from the attachment of a thought to and ideal.  The questions is, what ideals do they feel are as firm as steel? Hustlers dupe for a dollar and absent fathers wont even bother,  yet both will holler they're...

June 22, 2018

"Realizes that karma is like words from the wise, if you take heed at the beginning you can prevent the wheels from spinning.  Yet, if you neglect, you can expect to be in a position where those words will reflect. Her only loyalties lie in whats true and real, so when...

June 21, 2018

"Sponges are not useful unless they are fully submerged into the substances they seek to soak.  As the hunger to be elite seems common amongst surrounding fleets, wading waist-deep will leave you weak and obsolete.  Dive for what you strive for!"


Anyone who h...

June 20, 2018

One cannot have diligence without faith and one cannot have faith without hope.  For the diligent work, with purpose, beneath the surface towards a goal despite the conditions on the road.  The hope to achieve is why they suffer and bleed.  Be a byproduct of your circu...

June 20, 2018

"A focused spirit knows a lie when it hears it.  For its instincts are fathered by a meter of morality that leans in the direction of caution when surrounded by them often. Honesty is an interruption to corruption"

There’s  a  harsh  reality  that  comes  with  tru...

June 18, 2018

Truth  is  a  fact  among  lies  and  a  piss  puddle  among  flies,  for  it's  never  what  you  want  it  to  be.  It  does  not  adhere  to  the  flow  of  the  status  quo,  because  that river  rowed  is  a  circular  road  flanked  with  fool’s  gold.   Truth is...

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