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Peddle Precise

It's important to identify credible advice because when your life is gripped in its inevitable vice, you'll be riding a tight rope and must peddle precise. Holdfast to facts and principles that are grounded in truth and uncoated in lies, for people will tell you to gun it in the fast lane when the speed limit still applies.

Advice sometimes comes from people who love us and sometimes from people who don't. Therefore, when seeking and taking advice, analyze who its coming from. While their intentions may be pure, the results of their own decisions in life may prove their advice invalid. On the contrary, you may get good advice from someone who serves to benefit from your decisions. Therefore, take heed to what they may gain and compare their advice with someone you trust to determine if that advice, though beneficial for them, still proves to be in your best interest. You should never base your decisions on someone else's word alone. Think about what's to be lost, what's to be gained, what's to be proven, and what's to be learned. All these things, including the advice of those you trust, and ultimately GOD should be considered when formulating your decisions.

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