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Refuse to run the treadmill

"Refuse to let your life run on a treadmill. For progression is based on gripping whats real and using that to propel you up the hill. With that reaction comes traction, preventing that grip from a slip. Avoid slippery slopes in your game plan."

Doing the same things over and over and expecting a different result is an informal definition of insanity. Yet,many of us practice this behavior on a daily basis. It's only until you reflect and analyze your previous courses of action, that you realize the errors and different ways you can or could’ve improved upon them. Once those changes begin to produce different results, you begin to gain traction on your goal. Yet, if you are not careful when crafting your new plan, that ball can roll right back down the hill because something wasn’t solid somewhere in your course of action. Build your plans from research not on assumptions.

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