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Be Unclothed In A World of Disguises

Truth is a fact among lies and a piss puddle among flies, for it's never what you want it to be. It does not adhere to the flow of the status quo, because that river rowed is a circular road flanked with fool’s gold. Truth isn't concerned with outcome, for in its presence fallacy demises. Be unclothed in world of disguises.

Seeking and accepting the truth is one of the hardest things someone could do. The reason it's so difficult is because the truth is not pleasant in most cases. We’ve lived in a society that encourages self-indulgence and entitlement to produce a nation of citizens that live by moral codes that not only don’t produce healthy fruit, but leave bitter after tastes despite the pretty exterior. Being unclothed in a world of disguises is being transparent and accepting the imperfections that come with being human. Being transparent constitutes genuine bonds and relationships that are not based on facades, but on actual glimpses of the strengths and weaknesses of that individual. Being transparent actually helps improve one's self because though weaknesses can be exposed, many are still not aware they exist.

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