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Dive For What You Strive For

"Sponges are not useful unless they are fully submerged into the substances they seek to soak. As the hunger to be elite seems common amongst surrounding fleets, wading waist-deep will leave you weak and obsolete. Dive for what you strive for!"

Anyone who has been great at something knew that something. In my own pre-occupations with being and doing something great, I pay attention to the journey’s of people that I’ve considered to be great. Every last one of them KNEW their craft. There were no half-hearted efforts or prideful assumptions that they had mastered their skill. Their greatness seemed to form from their unrelenting pursuit of perfection and a passion for the process of becoming great. They completely indulged themselves into their craft or subject of expertise and allowed their hard work to pay off. Therefore it was the education, the discipline, and the creativity that formed their legacy and not the things they accomplished from it. Hard work pays off!

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