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Karma Isn't Negotiable

"Realizes that karma is like words from the wise, if you take heed at the beginning you can prevent the wheels from spinning. Yet, if you neglect, you can expect to be in a position where those words will reflect. Her only loyalties lie in whats true and real, so when u get what you got coming, you aren't making a deal."

I believe that you receive the energy you put out. In other words, the unfelt consequences of your behavior now will in some form be inflicted upon you in the future. People are sometimes so self-involved and arrogant that they do not feel these facts of life apply to them. These concepts are always learned the hard way and in hindsight couldv'e been prevented with a little humility and foresight. What type of energy are you receiving right now? What type of energy have you put out? Evaluate yourself constantly to ensure you are putting forth attitudes and actions that will reap blessings, not drama.