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Are You Really Real?

"People say they're real, yet the feel of being real is drawn from the attachment of a thought to and ideal. The questions is, what ideals do they feel are as firm as steel? Hustlers dupe for a dollar and absent fathers wont even bother, yet both will holler they're realer than a bid from your honor. Real ideals actually dwell up above. So are you really real? "

The statement, notion, and meaning of "being real" has not only been diluted and misrepresented, but it has also been mis-defined. The definition of being real literally varies based on the person you ask. Therefore, one must dig a little deeper as to determine or identify what "being real" looks like or means. So many people claim the title, yet their actions will eventually contradict someone else's meaning of it and thus void their claim. To really identify if someone is "real" or having true character, you must establish a standard and determine if their words and actions align with that standard. We were all created by GOD and creator's establish methods of operations, instructions, and guidelines for their creations. Therefore, GOD has laid out a standard for our lives. If your words or actions do not align with the principles and standards of GOD, then you are misrepresenting that title of "being real" and in doing that are actually being the opposite.

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