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Wolves In Sheep's Clothing

"Frequently fetch frequencies from foes AND friends to factually figure the formulas in which they foster the feelings that front and facilitate the moral fibers of their frame. For friends can turn faulty and the faulty, falsely foreseen as foes, find themselves in your friendly forums. You find out you don't know someone when you find out you don’t know them."

While dear to our hearts, our friends and family are human and therefore imperfect. You should always analyze the people around you distinguish the how's and why's of their actions. They do affect you and understanding their intentions when they give advice or when certain altercations occur is important in determining which side of the friend or foe line they stand on. Foes don't have to be people that mean you ill-intent. A foe is also anyone that opposes your personal progress. We have plenty of people in our lives that serve as hurdles. There are also those we deem as foes, but actually do us no harm. In some cases, those same "foes" could actually help us if the proper conversation were to take place. You never know what someone is capable of, good or bad and that capability could differ based on what someone is going through. Sometimes you have to protect yourself from those you let in. Sometimes you have to activate those you've shutdown

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