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Are You Really That Tall?

Failure feeds hope if digested properly. However, if shortcomings challenge your pride then your journey to success is no longer a ride, but a slide. For pride will cause you to do anything to save a suped perception of self in efforts to hide the insecurities that've been pushed to the back of the shelf. Pride comes before the fall, so if you find yourself with your heads in the clouds, ask yourself "Am I this tall"?

When you take failures personally, you end up missing out on the lesson learned that was in the cause of that failure. Too many times we take those failures and blame the cause on someone else. While there still may be SOME blame to place on another, there is always a lesson to be learned. When you believe yourself to be always right and incapable of a mistake, then you have found yourself in a prideful state. Everyone makes mistakes and all plans don't come to fruition. However, it’s the lessons learned in those shortcomings that actually increase our stature. Appreciate what goes left, for then you will learn how to make it go right.

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