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What Is Your Reflection?

"Mirrors provide the only times you look at yourself in the eyes. Since eyes are windows to your soul's inner sections, it explains why the faulty fear their own reflections. Therefore, it's important to be comfortable in your skin, because being content within shines through the content without. The skin is a traveling bag of your existence. What do you put in and take out?"

Being comfortable with who you are is essential to obtaining peace. So many people seek peace in their lives, but try to attain it through external means. There isn't a physical item on earth that can bring inner peace to a person. The key to finding that peace lies within a person's soul. You have to be right with yourself and with GOD in order to achieve that. Within that process it's important to be aware of what you indulge in and feed yourself, as it will usually manifest and become a reflection of who you are.

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