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Only One Way To Be Real

"Don't press snooze on fools who pick and choose when to be real. For that further shows that they know right from wrong and that changes the tune for which their singing on. For when it all hits the fan, you can't plan on which man sits and which man stands. There's no right way to be real, just one way! "

The cliché "Actions speak louder than words" is a motto I live by. Many are the schemes and intentions any given person can have. They talk a good game, speak with such charm and conviction that you attach their character to their appearance. Yet, when a person behaves inconsistently and does things they say they don't do, or don't do things they say they do, their credibility is completely voided. People who don't behave by the doctrines they proclaim cannot be trusted and should be kept at arms length. If you accept too many excuses for why the actions don't add up to their words, you end up doing the same thing by betraying your own values to understand theirs.

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