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Is It Better To Be Wise Or Happy?

"Is it better to be wise or happy? For one uses wisdom to avoid doom, but in most cases discards it to avoid gloom. What's right and what feels good are two different things that pendulate on two different swings. Yet, when your efforts decrease in either direction to make a connection at the intersection, the result is peace. Life is about balance, give and take."

Life is all about balance. If anything is over-used or over-indulged, it can be defined as abuse. When it comes to our happiness, however, many of us neglect restraint and will do whatever it takes to achieve our definition of it. Yet, the lengths we take to achieve our own happiness, can be the direct catalyst for someone else's unhappiness. This is where wisdom comes in. Injecting wisdom into a situation removes the emotion and introduces consideration and thought. Doing any and everything to make yourself happy will ultimately cause you unhappiness, due to its affect on those around you. If you apply an equal amount of wisdom to your thoughts and actions to achieve happiness, the outcome is peace and harmony.

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