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Is Time Really Money?


If time is money, then why do broke people have nothing but time? It's simply defined as their state of mind. For they waste time thinking about things acquired if they had money to spend, but in the end would have money to spend if they didn't waste their time. Time is money only if your about getting it. Otherwise time is just running and your on the side to witness it."

The only thing that differentiates people with dreams and those living them is action. Many people, including myself, have gotten caught up in the visionary phase, where all we think about and talk about is what we want to have happen. In looking at the lives of those who've accomplished their dreams, the common action amongst them all was ACTION. If you spend more time talking about it, than doing it, then they are merely fancy words. Every last one of those "greats" started somewhere, they had a beginning. In many cases, the talents and skills that made them great, started out awkward and aloof. However, the process of action over time refined those skills to a level of value that had to be respected. When it comes to your dreams, just do it. Don't wait for the right time, situation, or people, for those are never guaranteed.