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Don't Repeat What Has Failed

"Look at the loose logic people use to pursue profit. The downfalls of those plans should expand one's game plan to improve what they didn't, but you can. However, many travel the same road expecting to reach different land, fail, and wonder "How come?". Only someone crazy or dumb repeats what has failed and expects a different outcome."

We often are or often know that one person who has a brilliant idea but lacks the common sense to execute it properly. For some reason, they feel their idea is so unique that they do not have to go through the proper channels, routes, hardships, and hurdles that occur when bringing a plan to fruition. They proceed pridefully, only to be humbled by what was inevitable. The key is to analyze someone else's mistakes and reap the lessons learned, as opposed to thinking they do not apply to your situation. Understanding and execution are what separate a success from a failure.