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Chew The Meat, Not The Fat

"Insight keeps your perspective in sight of the things that matter and in flight from the things that don’t. For you will feel you can refocus at will but you actually wont, finding yourself standing still in a stint you were intended to sprint. Chew the meat, not the fat."

Distractions come in various forms and at an unwavering frequency. Sometimes we don't even know we are being distracted and that causes us to form habits around them and embed them in our lives. When you take assessments of what you've failed to accomplish in any set amount of time, in any facet of your life, you can truly see where they lie. Knowing the manner in which you knowing or unknowingly indulge in these distractions increases the chance that you identify them for what they are and allow yourself the opportunity to avoid them. The more you avoid distractions, the more you are able to focus on what you were made to do.