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Learn Someone To Manage Them

"Frustration is non-credible when you don't accept whats inevitable. For expecting a result that contradicts someones personality, only means you failed at your assessment rather than them failing to see your reality. You must learn someone before you can manage them."

The most frustrating thing about dealing with people is that they are different than you. Which means how they process things, show love, show frustration, show trust, etc is all be different than how you do it. Yet, we neglect that fact and seem to naturally expect people from different experiences, backgrounds, and beliefs to see things according to our experiences, backgrounds, and beliefs. You can't expect results and reactions based on how you would handle the situation, because you aren't handling it. You must consider the differences of a person to understand where you can be alike. Only at that point, do you have a solid foundation on which to build.

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