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Don't Fail To Pass

"Tests are given regardless of a student status. It's those annoying coworkers, tricky family members, and ignorant citizens that administer the classes. Fails or passes depend on you grasping the fact that homework is your own work on tolerating the masses. Days are like faces, some are better than others. Yet you still can control how you react to the blunders."

When you know right from wrong, there is no escaping the responsibility of your actions. Too many times people offend someone and then apologize after the fact and expect people to completely forget the offense. It's easy to abuse apologies and fail to realize that they've lost their value. If you keep failing the test of your character, people will begin to judge you based on what you fail to do, as opposed to what you accomplish. When you take responsibility for how you behave and react in your life, you welcome in stability and growth.