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Let Your Page Be Your Cover

"You can think or imagine you're anything from A to Z, but books are always judged by the cover despite the fact they may contain pages of another. Therefore, you will always be what they see because perception is reality regardless of if their angles are rooted in actuality. Let your page be your cover, as what you do is who you are."

There's a common theme in today's society to be tolerant, free of barriers, and self-indulgent. While I am not here to argue whether those things are good or bad, I will say that they come at a cost. It's ignorant to expect people to understand your story at first glance. If being understood is the goal, it would make sense to exude indications of the things you represent in a manner in which people can digest it. To further clarify, you must be aware of how you are perceived to better understand how you are misunderstood. This enables a person to navigate around the misconceptions or address them with proper comprehension. There is always a reaction or a consequence to your decision and how you present yourself is no different.

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