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You Could Be The Problem

"In arithmetic, when you don't reach the desired solution, you re-visit the math. For it's not necessarily the variables, just their order on the path. However, with life, many revisit the solution failing to calculate the additions and subtractions that ultimately caused their confusion. It's not always them, it's sometimes you. People will always get what they've always gotten if they fail to recognize themselves as a possible problem."

Self-reflection is the best way to clarify the path towards progression. Due to the lack of morality we are surrounded by, it's easy to blame other things or people on why our personal outcomes don't always come out in our favor. In that justification, we never re-factor the events that led up to the outcome to determine if those things REALLY played a role at all. If you learn the lesson in any loss, you will always find that you could've done something different or better. If you keep taking the same losses, there are probably re-occurring factors in play that you have control over.

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