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Your Reality Isn't Always Reality

"Clarity varies based on the spectacles you view through. For a self-directed perspective will make your actions less objective. What you want and what you need originate from different directives, so the objective should be to focus on what's reflected from your methods to determine if the actions you've selected are non-biased or subjective. Your reality isn't always reality."

Realize that there are various ways you can view any given situation. With everyone having an individual opinion, the interpretation of that situation will change by the person. With that said, you must consider the fact that your perspective may not be understood from the viewpoint of another. When dealing with emotions, you can't tell anyone that their truth is false, nor can they tell you yours is. However, you can evaluate your own emotions to determine if they are valid. When you include other known or assumed factors that may contradict your emotional conclusion, you now have added an additional level of clarity and or complexity. Either way, this allows for a decision to be made with the proper information considered.

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