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A Follower Is A Leader In Regret

"One must be unique to have an identity. For following is an indication that your own passions are hollowing and you've now assumed those of another entity. However you don't always have to be a leader to not be a follower. You just have to understand that following makes you a borrower, taking ideas and direction from another perception and never experiencing life through personal reflections. A follower becomes a leader in regret."

Everyone was gifted with a skill, talent, and or vision. Within that journey of discovering how to use those talents to fulfill your purpose on earth, you may find yourself in various positions of service and humility. Yet don’t interpret those positions as permanent or an indication of your own value. These moments in your journey serve to refine you and your character to be able to withstand the pressures, challenges, and weight of the things you are to accomplish. Being a student or in service is not being a follower. Follower's do not adhere to their own wills and ideas, but bend towards another's neglecting their own individual call. Leader's start out as students of the game and offer their servitude as a means of refinement. The goal is to always achieve and transcend your value.

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