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Patience Is A Virtue

"The time taken to practice patience seems to last an infinite minute. Yet being patient doesn't mean you stand idle while your within it, for patience can actually be a synonym for preparation. For within hindsight lies irony as you acknowledge, without knowledge, that you were actually waiting for something else entirely. Patience is a virtue because within patience you find yours."

Many times we go through things in life and seek advice from our loved ones, books, or other trusted sources. In many cases, we are told to exhibit patience and to let the smoke settle before we make any other moves or important decisions. However, in this time of "standing down" a lot can happen if you use it wisely. Self-reflection and the shedding of old ideologies can and tend to occur with effort. Within that process, you find that you have changed and thus, what you wanted or needed changes. When you look back on that time period after the fact, you realize that you weren't being patient to keep yourself from doing more harm to yourself or the situation. You find that the time period you thought was for recovery, was actually meant for transformation. Never forsake the time to reflect and heal. It brings focus and clarity back into your life.

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