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There's Nothing New Under The Sun

"Every great structure started from a vision with each brick being placed with precision by a weighted decision. When seeking a goal each move should further your agenda, not send it into remission. Being that there's nothing new under the sun, a blueprint exists for what you want done. Therefore, the need lessens to seek directions when your reading the road map. Get in it or get nothing out of it."

All of our dreams are unique in the sense that we are all individuals and no two people are alike. However, we often think that our dreams are so unique that we must re-invent the wheel to get them done. In some aspects we are trailblazing and doing something that has never been done before. Yet, even in those cases the vehicles have been created. Your idea is just a brand-new interior. With that said, don’t forsake the paths that have been laid before you. Building upon previous successes can quicken your route to achievement. Instead, we try to think too far out of the box and end up on the scenic route to our goals. Inspect your decisions and vet your plans to ensure that you are not wasting time out of bounds.

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