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Don't Short Change Your Deposits

"If you short change your deposits, you'll never withdraw your full amount. For what you hold back doesn't gain the value of what you could count. The idea is to put your all into something to reap that in return, not half to only then expect more out of what we've earned. If you give everything, you have nothing to lose."

When traveling the journey to becoming the best version of yourself, the amount of effort you put in is in direct correlation with the amount of progress you achieve. You find many people frustrated on their journey because they are not pleased with their progress. However, when you make an assessment of their moves and attitudes, you discover that their progress is explained by the amount of effort they put in. Yet, when questioned about the effort, they over-explain with all the reasons why they are where they are, instead of asking themselves what more they could've done. You will never receive more than you've given.

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