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Don't Let Small Things Create Bigger Losses

"The weight of things that matter can make a weak mind scatter. For it takes mental strength at length to avoid the ploys that are meant, with intent, to incite a reaction that isn't subject to retraction. One can gain from your loss of control or one can lose from your gain of it. Either way it's not about you, it's about those that may gain pain from it. Don't let small things create bigger losses."

Life can get very real, regardless of what stage of it you find yourself in. Whether it's trying to graduate, finding out you’re a parent, or losing a job, the pressures of life can seem insurmountable and impossible to overcome. However, within that feeling of despair, you can either lose your wits or gain them. It's times like these that people run to their vices and begin sacrificing control over their lives. People begin to take advantage of your lack of stability and you find yourself further away from where you were and where you want to be. Understanding that you are always in control, regardless of what happens to you, is key to maintaining it. Knowing there is an option to withstand and conquer is valuable when fighting the notions to indulge in your vices and secede from facing the obstacles. The choice to address things now can prevent you and others from succumbing to that very thing later.

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