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Don't Lose What's In Hand For What's In Sight

"Be wary when your in a good space. For that feeling can become familiar allowing the need for new experiences to take its place. So often we grow accustom to the exploration and search, that when its found we can demean it to continue quenching the thirst. Don't lose whats in hand for whats in sight."

Often times we work so hard to reach a goal that we neglect to appreciate it when we’ve accomplished it. We get so engrained in the process of achievement, that we don’t know how to stand still within in it. It is really easy to undervalue what you’ve obtained due to the engrained nature of pursuit that the journey instilled. In some cases, you are not meant to move forward and should stay in the lane you’ve created and travelled. It’s really easy to become dissatisfied with what you’ve attained after its been attained. There’s nothing wrong with growth or moving on, however, make sure you reap the value of what have obtained so that the work you put in to get it is not wasted and under utilized.

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