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You Don't Know You're Prepared Until You're Tested

"The only way you know if you're prepared is to be tested. Yet up until that test, anything you do to prepare is a guess. For one can only speculate on whats required, which means you should tirelessly perspire to push your thresholds higher. The lesson learned in the struggle is an advantage gained for the hustle."

The saying "If you are prepared, you never have to get ready" couldn’t be false if it tried. However, most of the time we don’t know what we are preparing for. Based on the wide array of ways you could be tested in your life, you have to make a diligent effort to prepare and better yourself in every way. Mind, body, and spirit are the three areas of your life where everything else in your life permeates from. If you make a conscious effort to improve, maintain, and upgrade these areas of your life, you can be assured that you will find success in whatever it is you are confronted with. Its not necessarily the skill set that will grant you victory, but the confidence in yourself based on the work you've put in. People with gaping holes in these areas fail immediately and never prove to themselves that the tests are passable. Don't forsake the meaning or the origins of the challenges you face in your life, for they are study guide for what's to come.

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