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Season of Change Needs A Reason For Change

"The season of change only happens when you identify the reason for change. For a solution may be evident, but not applied until relevant. The reason provides the purpose, the purpose provides the action. Force the course and you’ll be doing u-turns until you learn."

You often find people frustrated with the cyclical drama that they tend to find themselves in. More and more they grow tired of the same results, but fail to understand why they keep receiving them. Great advice is given and even in parallel scenarios, different outcomes are revealed. Yet, no changes have occurred in their lives. This happens when people say they want to change, but don’t want to make the sacrifices to do so. When you’ve really become fed up with the results of your actions, you will latch on to a reason for change. Once you have accepted that change is necessary, you open yourself up for improvement. Refusing to change for change, is accepting the redundancy in your life.