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Don't Accept Less When Other's Don't Expect More

"You know what you deserve based on what you have sacrificed, volunteered, or preserved.  For when you set a standard among those who require less, you set an example of how to strive for the best.   Don't accept less because others don't expect more." 

When operating with a high standard or level of expectation for yourself, do not sacrifice that for the sake of others.  Many times the trajectory of a person can stir up feelings of jealousy or insecurity in others and birth behaviors that intend to lower your level to theirs.  In some cases it's not even intentional for they must bring you to their level to fundamentally connect.  In those cases, you will see people lower their standards to meet other people where they are.  More often than not, those who lower their standards to meet someone at theirs, get stuck there.  Avoid this by never compromising for something that won't make you better.  If anything, you reach down to pull someone up, but never climb all the way back down to the ground.  If they aren't in arms reach, then they have more climbing to do to engage at your level. 

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