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Direction Determines Destination

"Where you stand now is a result of the single steps you took then. Meaning you couldn’t foresee today then, like you cant foresee tomorrow now. Therefore, each step you take now determines where you will be when you look back then and ask how. Direction determines destination, not the other way around."

People frequently find themselves caught up in cycles of drama and chaos. In some cases, people actually take steps to change things by changing how they move or by cutting off toxic relationships. However, they end up with the same results in a different scene with different people. This is why self-reflection is so important. Our actions have consequences and ripple effects. We can change the landscape and players, but if you play the game the same way, you will get the same outcomes. Each step or action you take will determine what happens in the near or distant future. Analyze your actions to determine how they’ve played a part in the redundant outcomes in your life. When you change your course, you can change our outlook.