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Butterfly Dreams of A Caterpillar

"You cant get any realer than the butterfly dreams of a caterpillar. From birth they intend to transcend the earth to fly above, knowing their initial form doesn’t determine their worth. They let go of what they are to become what they might be."

Sometimes its really hard to grasp the concept of change. Many times it feels like we are betraying ourselves to become some other person people say we should be. With that mind frame we tend to shun any form of improvement because its viewed with the eye of conformity. However, change is necessary. There’s no doubt about it. Yet you have to accept that there is a better version of yourself. You have to understand that it may not be the vision you had, but the vision that is. Even if it is the vision you had, you have to be free to accept not knowing what’s to come, but taking advantage of anything that does.

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