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Peace Is In The Release

“Let Go and Let God is a cliché we say to relieve us of our burdens even though we may still spin wheels to create a plan in the “Me” way. To let go and let GOD requires faith and the patience to not offer your plan maintenance. Peace is in the release"

People of faith pray for GOD to intervene in their lives and provide spiritual guidance to effectively handle their situations. Yet in order to really dwell within that lane you must rely solely on your faith. Often times we say we are doing that, but still applying our own logic and actions to things. Most cases, it ends up making it worse or no better and we become frustrated at why. It’s easy to fall into that behavior because its our natural pattern. Yet being more and more aware of yourself will help you stay focused on your belief that GOD will take care of things on your behalf. Trust the process.

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