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To Understand A Tree, You Must Understand The Root

"To fully understand a tree, you must first understand the root, otherwise your perspective is moot and an unconfirmed truth. Therefore, to fully understand yourself, one must dig below the surface for proof. Knowing ones self introduces you to purpose, which acquaints you with GOD."

The older we become, the more problems and responsibilities we have. At an early age we quickly form the habit of just surviving our circumstances, instead of controlling them. Within this cycle of survival, people lose themselves. In some cases, they’ve sold portions of their souls in the effort of survival and have lost touch with who they really are and want to be. Yet just like finding anything else, one must take time to discover themselves. A lot of what we do is learned behavior and may not actually reflect our personal beliefs or wants. The more you spend time figuring out who you really are, the better you can authentically interact among those around you. Once you begin understanding yourself, you begin to learn your purpose. Our purpose is the sole job GOD has given us on this earth. You will never find that unless you look within and find out who you are.

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