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Joy Can Be Stolen, If It's Up For Grabs

"Comprehension is key to perceiving intention. For many factors influence the words people may mention. Yet what they communicate is not for us to change, but to arrange. When you manage those around you, you determine what floats or drowns you. They can't steal your joy unless its up for grabs."

People try to control every aspects of their lives to no avail. This method of thought will always leave you disappointed and angry because, despite our efforts, you cannot control what another human being thinks, says, or does. The key to relieving that frustration is understanding that you can only control what you can control. In most cases, that control is exercised in how you behave in any given situation. You always have control over yourself and what you do. When you attempt to make someone else behave based on your expectations, you forfeit the control of your emotions and lay them in their hands.

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