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Don't Reach For Things Your Arms Aren't Long Enough To Grab

"Perspective is re-adjusting your outlook to the realities of your situation. For within our minds we create a world of our own that doesn’t always align with the world in which we are known. This results in unattainable wants becoming needs you’ll never achieve. Don't reach for things your arms aren’t long enough to grab."

It's always important to check and ground yourself. We are the only people who know our own truths and feelings and that creates biased perspectives. Everyone’s personal opinion is biased, however, the key is to acknowledge that and make an effort to approach people and situations with an open mind. When we fail to do this, we become self-absorbed and un-relatable to the world around us. These perverted realities create perverted goals that may not realistically be achieved, thus setting you up for the failure everyone else saw coming. When you make a habit of re-adjusting when needed, your goals and relationships will always be within reach and in tact.

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