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Use Your Past To Propel You Forward

"To see how far you’ve come, one must rely on hindsight. For when you review your rearview, your current location has a clear view. What has changed could be everything or nothing at all, but in order to determine your progress you must consider it all. Use your past to propel you forward."

Many times people use their past failures and experiences as an excuse to why they haven’t progressed the way they had envisioned. While previous obstacles and hurdles may play a part in the hinderance towards your goal, they should never be the reason you fail. For in every loss is a lesson that you can learn to make yourself better. Within the failure you gain the intelligence to prevent you from falling over that obstacle again. Everything we go through has a purpose and it's up to us to find it. When reflecting on the past, utilize hindsight to recognize how far you’ve come and how those obstacles were necessary to get you to where you are today. If it appears you haven't travelled far, then you may have missed the lessons from the past and must reanalyze your life to find the personal revelations that will move you forward.