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Your Thoughts Are Seeds To Your Deeds

"Your mind has the ability to be agile with flexibility. As your thoughts are actually seeds to your deeds, your attitude affects your latitude. Happiness and peace are chosen and sought, so with intended effort they can be controlled with thought."

Misery loves company and it's easy to fall into a cycle of pessimism when you feed and surround yourself with negative things. People sometimes feel like they are victims to these ideas and moods and have no power to control them. Granted, some people do suffer from depression and require professional measures to cope. However, I am referring to people who have negative dispositions and with effort to acknowledge a better outcome, could improve their outlook on life. Your outlook on life affects the hope you have for a better you and a better life. A better you has more value to the world and we should be striving to bring as much value to the world as we can. There are many resources out there that help people change, achieve, and maintain their positive outlooks on life. You will get what you put in, so if you make the necessary efforts, you will reap the expected rewards.

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