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We Exist For Others, Not Ourselves

"Don’t complain about the soil in which you’ve been rooted. For the light you shine may produce fruit for another, regardless of your intent to do it. We exist for others, not ourselves."

We often tend to be self-absorbed and only view life in regards to what we benefit or receive from it. What we many times fail to realize is that the gifts, ideas, and energy that we possess may be exactly what someone else needs to unlock their gifts. We are all a part of a larger picture and we each have an assignment. Sometimes we get frustrated and discontented with our surroundings and the people we are forced to interact with. However, you must consider if your assignment is to be an example for someone else. What you possess is special and sometimes other people have to see it to know that it exists. Don’t forsake what you have to offer, for in offering what you possess, you activate purpose within your life. That purpose can turn feelings of discontentment into feelings of fulfillment.

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