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Don't Make The Right Effort At The Wrong Time

"There's a time to speak and a time to retreat. For a victory depends on how one reacts, not solely based on the facts. Moods, relationships, and preparation are all relevant factors. Therefore, knowing when to attack is what you must master. Don't make the right effort at the wrong time."

Knowing when to show your hand by expressing your thoughts is a skill that must be matured over time. However, it is a necessary skill that a person must master in order to get a point across. If you do not assess the situation of the area in which you are trying to communicate, you may lose the impact and value of your message. Its not always what you say, but its when you say it. Understand your audience, understand where they are coming from to better mold your message. If what you say is not heard, the content of the message is rendered irrelevant.