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Love The Process Of Becoming Great

"One must love the process of becoming great in order to be content with the wait, for adversity ironically sharpens the mind to remind that a diamond must form before you excavate. Patience allows for maintenance, while haste usually gets replaced Invest in yourself and watch your stock rise."

Many times we see the success come to others in a short amount of time. We often envy that quick elevation under the premise of being taught that the journey to success is more tedious than swift. Yet, I believe the journey to lasting success is the tedious path, for as we've all seen, people have their mini moments in highs, but more often dwell in the lows. Things that lack quality will not hold up over time. That holds true to talents, products, and even relationships. Anything that lasts has had time and effort poured into it. The discipline and focus that it takes to make something great is a journey of self-refinement and discovery within its own right. That internal process in conjunction with your tangible improvements over team create a baseline of excellence at which to operate.