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Awareness of Self, Combats Acceptance of Self

"The awareness of self combats the acceptance of self. For we naturally indulge in the things we desire, but rarely take heed to the things that push us to aspire. Nobody grows if what they know plateaus."

If you look at the development cycle of any form of life, you will notice stages of growth. At each stage, essential things happen in order to support and sustain the next phase. This happens automatically in nature, but unfortunately in our reality, this is a manual process that requires time, effort, and attention. In order for us to grow, we need information. Information comes in all forms and can be digested in many ways. Yet, because the process for humans to grow physically, spiritually, and emotionally requires purposeful action. The lack of attention paid to the effort will directly affect your growth in those areas. In order to continue through the phases of maturation, one must continue feeding themselves the proper information. If you fail to expand your knowledge base, then you will never enter into the next phase of your destiny.

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