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Know Why, So You Don't Ask Why

"Every decision should be made with precision. Meaning there's a purpose beneath the surface for the true reason you saw it to completion. Therefore, when doubts seem to circle throughout your space, you can circle back to the seed that made you proceed in the first place. If you can be talked into it, you can be talked out of it. Know why, so you don’t ask why."

When it comes to your character and reputation, I think it’s important people take time to think about why they make the decisions they make. You will find yourself in many situations where you are engaged in something against your better judgement and wonder how or why you got there. If you stand by a belief, a moral code, or a set of principles, I think its very important to know why you do. Otherwise, someone can inject a new set of ideas that can only take root if the one's present are weak or there are none in the soil to begin with.

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