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The Cards You Play Should Never Be On Display

"Motives can be disguised by smiles, hugs, and hi-fives. Therefore, the cards you can play should never be on display. You don’t show a person until you know a person for those with hate lie in wait for opportunities to take."

People usually put their best foot forward when interacting with others on a frequent basis. It may be to genuinely show love or it could be to create a false sense of security. However, from the surface you can’t tell just by judging what they’ve shown you. In order to really be able to trust a person, you have to spend time with that person. You would need to go through adversity and triumphs with that person to truly understand their character. In most cases, that group of people is a select few, which means that you encounter more people you can’t trust on a daily basis than those you can. With that being said, its very important to hold what’s valuable close to chest. You never really know what someone’s intentions are until they are revealed.

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