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Don't Let Someone Else's Forecast Determine Your Weather

"Facts are direct and do not deviate in motion, so when addressing certain notions, there are no detours for emotions. For emotions cloud logic and logic clarifies reality so that decisions aren't made to appease, but made to handle matters of actuality. Don't let someone else's forecast determine your weather."

The truth is hard to hear sometimes and most people don’t take it too well if it doesn’t fall in their favor. However, their refusal to accept the facts, should not dictate whether or not you do. Sometimes it takes someone to stand within the truth for others to see it themselves. You will see that emotions change, which further confirms the notion that you shouldn’t make important decisions when they are involved. However, the facts will always be the facts and decisions made based upon them can be explained. You can stand confident and at peace knowing that you made a sound decision. As decisions made without the facts cause damage and regret.

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