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It's The Necessities, Not The Accessories

"Hungry is the dummy that chases money instead of filling his tummy. For when you chase the necessities and not the accessories, you realize that nutrition brings a mission to fruition, while the fluff of the stuff we lust, only appears to calm fears and dry tears."

Most people base their movements and decisions on what feels or looks good to themselves or others. As most of those people find out, doing more of what you like than what you need will lead to stagnance and even destruction. In order to thrive, you must instill within yourself things that will make you grow. As good as those things sound, they are a lot easier said than done. For the things that are necessary are usually things we don’t like. Self-discipline, control, and inspection are all routine behaviors we need to survive. Don’t be fooled into thinking it's all about what you want. It's always about what you need.

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