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Exploration Is Preparation

"Exploration is preparation. For many are the things we don't know and many are the things that don't show. For without knowledge you have no doubts and without doubt you have no questions to verify advice or suggestions. You won't know you're unprepared until you've been exposed. Impose that intention and you will understand prevention."

Taking things at face value is setting yourself up to be deceived. You have to explore to secondary layers to determine if what you see is made up of the things required to project that display. If you never ask a question you can never get an answer that may require further inquiry. That additional information could save you time, money, or even your life. Or, it could expose the very things you need to gain an advantage somehow. You really never know what may be revealed. However, the point is you must figure out if what you are believing in and basing your decisions on is legit and for your benefit. People are inherently selfish, it’s part of survival. Therefore, you can’t just trust everything that claims to be for your benefit.

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