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Do Something Because of Something, Not For It

"A flower does not bloom to behold its own beauty, for it is simply performing its duty. It is oblivious to its appearance and innate to its process. In other words, don’t do something for something, do something because of something."

We were all given the potential to achieve or do something well. The beauty we display, the talents we possess, and the insights we have were not created by our own doing. We all have the ability to enhance the natural gifts and talents that we were given, however, for them to reach their maximum value, they must be used for others. People who accomplish things for themselves will always reach a ceiling because when your purpose is to serve, your work is never done. It takes humility and depth to take your impact to the next level. At that point, it is stripped of any arrogance and can be accepted in purity for the rarity that it is.

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