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Low Effort Is Better Than No Effort

"As daunting as it may seem, reality can be seen as the fruition of someone's dream. Yet, it took them to wake up from that slumber to put their feet to pavement and nails to lumber. Trying can be trying, but low effort is better than no effort."

We all have things that we want to accomplish in life. We also all know that things don’t always pan out the way we had planned them to. Events occur and the paths to our dreams become a little rockier, longer, and steeper. It can be hard to convince yourself that those things are still achievable. Yet, instead of always talking about the goals with no action due to "circumstance", the attitude is to overcome any adversity to accomplish them. Albeit may take longer than anticipated, but even the smallest effort consistently adds up to progress. Situations will change and you will have more resources and opportunity to travel faster on your path. However, you may not even reach that break in the journey if you hadn’t taken the small steps. Don’t just say your trying to do something. Actually do it and you’d be surprised at how fast the ball could start rolling.

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