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You Must Give To Receive

"In order to receive, a full hand must be freed. For the key to abundance doesn’t reside in selfish notions, but is manifested through selfless motion. As giving is a boomerang that returns with returns."

It’s the popular belief these days that one has to “get it” by any means necessary. However, many interpret that to include greed, dishonesty, and other negative behaviors that cause pain and destruction to those who fall victim to them. Trying to obtain anything in that fashion will ultimately lead to the loss of everything that was ill-gained. The laws of the universe don’t reward that ideology. The “reap what you sow” principle is active and real. If you want to gain things in life, you must give. You will soon realize that you had to work much harder trying to gain things in a selfish manner than you will pursuing things with a selfless heart. That energy attracts others with the same energy. It’s humble diligence that ultimately grants you everything you desire.

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