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Many Are The Conflicts Of The Mind

"Many are the conflicts that exist in the mind. Whether to indulge in selfish desires or to let your little light shine, all of your actions set off a series of reactions. But know when making those decisions, you cant always control what happens. Sow good seeds to get healthy fruit or watch your deeds become weeds destroying your fruit from the root."

The greatest battle exists in the mind. We always have good intentions, but our weakness usually tend to get the best of us. While the indulgence in the things that bring us bad energy aren’t always intentional, it still occurs. Therefore, the consequences of those actions will still be felt and potentially create permanent scars or reminders of those decisions. The idea is to live a life of prevention. Fight the good fight. Lessen the indulgences and decrease the opportunities to do things you will regret. That could mean cutting off people, activities, and ideologies that you have survived with and held dear thus far in life. However, if those things have gotten you to a roadblock, then it’s obvious something has to change.

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